Family Plumbing – Community Spotlights – Episode 2

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Are You A Family Member??

In the second episode of Community Spotlights I chatted with Brenden Myers from Family Plumbing & Heating. As stated in the video, Brenden is OUR family plumber, we have used his services for years. So full honesty and disclosure from the start as always. This is why I recommend his services (and a couple of others too) so highly to my clients.

Customer Service

One of the hot topics of our conversation was the importance of serving the customer correctly. This is something I can fully relate to as I always put my clients first. The team at Family Plumbing are experts at this, as it is a value instilled by Brenden to all his staff and something they strive to improve constantly.

It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here!!

Brenden touched briefly on the services provided by Family Plumbing including air conditioning and how a milder climate this year has meant there hasn’t been as much of a mad rush on AC issues as of yet. He did emphasize however, the importance of maintaining these systems in order to keep them functioning correctly.

You can catch the latest episode on YouTube at the link below :

Is Family Plumbing Going Down The Drain??

YES, ABSOLUTELY IT IS!! ………Wait, what ??

One of the developments Brenden was most keen to share with me was the introduction of their new drain cleaning division. Our chat included how this was something they had tried previously but never had it nailed down properly. But after finding the correct people to operate this part of the business it is now fully up and running and serving the people of Regina and surrounding areas.

Want To Know More?

You can contact Brenden at Family Plumbing & Heating here :
Phone : 306-519-3722
Website :

Watch for more episodes of Community Spotlights coming up at regular intervals in the near future !!

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