Honest Inspections – Community Spotlights – Episode 1

A Brief Overview

Welcome to the first episode of Community Spotlights featuring Honest Inspections in Regina. This is a video series I decided to create in order to promote great businesses, charities and organizations in the Regina community.

honest inspections

How Honest?

So exactly how honest was Jason Tiefenbach, the owner of Honest Inspections, during our chat? He was extremely forthcoming, being truthful about the myths and misconceptions around home inspections.

We chatted about lots of different aspects of the home inspection process. Touching upon why you shouldn’t skip a home inspection especially to save money. This mistake can be very costly in the long run compared to the cost of having an inspection carried out.

Where Can I See The Interview??

You can watch my interview with Jason at the YouTube link below :

What About Using A General Contractor?

Myself and Jason also touched upon the theory behind having a general contractor look over your potential purchase beforehand. Is this a cost-effective way to avoid problems further down the line ? His response was interesting to hear especially in the contexts of cost and overall knowledge.

A Bit About The Honest Man

Of course, no interview would be complete without learning a bit about the person you are speaking to. It was great to hear about Jason’s background, his qualifications and training to get to where he is now. As a qualified electrician, he is more than qualified to know what he’s looking at. He also explained why he is unable to fix problems found on his inspections for the client.

You can contact Jason At Honest Inspections here :

Phone : 306-529-8744
Email : honestinspectionssk@gmail.com
Website : https://www.honestinspections.ca/

Watch for more episodes of Community Spotlights coming up at regular intervals in the near future !!

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