Listing Your Home With Me

Initial Home Assessment

When it comes to selling your family home, assessing the value correctly is vital. I will first ask a series of questions and request an in-person viewing of the property. Upon which, I will look into the property history and find out as much as I can about it.

This process helps me to understand your concerns, your goals and your needs for selling. It is also helpful at this stage to let me know all of the improvements you may have completed as this is intrinsic to assessing the most accurate valuation. A full comparative market analysis of similar properties in your area will assist you in determining the price you wish to list your home for, and as the sellers, this is ultimately your decision.

Market Preparation

So having decided on your desired selling price , what happens next ?

Your home can become tired-looking after a while so there may be minor work to be completed first. Paint may need touching up, carpets may need cleaning, de-cluttering and packing away what you can all makes a difference to the first impressions of potential buyers. There are a lot of things that can go into getting a home ready for sale.

The money and effort you put into getting the home ready can really pay off when you sell the property. It is worth the effort and following the advice of a professional REALTOR® to achieve the best results.

The ‘For Sale’ Sign is up

You’ve completed all the minor improvements and your home is looking like a palace. The professional photos/videos are complete and it is now time to fire up the marketing plan

At this point, we market hard. Your property and full description is now live on the MLS® system for other realtors to show to their buyers and social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram are utilized. It is also added to the RE/MAX Crown Real Estate website,, Point2Homes, YouTube & Pinterest to name but a few.

Remember, RE/MAX sells 1 in every 3 homes in Canada, RE/MAX Crown Real Estate is the largest brokerage in Regina and also sells the most homes in Regina

Managing Your Listing

As buyers begin to come and see your home, this is a great time to make any necessary adjustments that may be needed to your home. Feedback is requested from every buyer who views your home and any concerns can be addressed by analyzing this feedback.

Notice of viewing requests is always something you have full control of by setting your notice requirements at the time of listing. Once an offer has been received, you and I will go through all aspects of the offer and make sure that all of the terms and conditions, price & possession date are acceptable to you.

With the correct guidance and advice from your Regina REALTOR® , you will be able to achieve the most desirable conclusion that suits your wishes.

I am only ever a call away to assist you in addressing any worries, questions or issues you may need help with. Consistent communication is the successful way to a happy conclusion, so let’s talk !

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